Global Read Aloud

Mrs. Dreyer and Mrs. Huckeby's kindergarten students are participating in The Global Read Aloud this year!  Global Read Aloud was created in 2010 and encourages teachers to read one book per week during a set 6-week period to make as many global connections as possible.  The teachers decided to partner up with two kindergarten classes from Oak Park, Illinois to share their thoughts about each book they read.  The first book was My Heart Fills With Happiness by Monique Gray Smith.  The author asks the reader what fills his/her heart with happiness so our Freeland students each drew and wrote about what makes their hearts happy, and also made an iMovie to share with their new friends in Illinois.  Mrs. Dreyer shared their creations with the author, and imagine their surprise when the author, Monique Gray Smith, sent them a message and a video sharing her inspiration for the book!  They learned that she wrote the book in only 20 minutes!  Our kindergarten kids may be little but they can sure do BIG things!  Pictured are some of the excited students expressing their surprise at receiving the author's video message, while other students shared their story responses to the book!