Freeland Learning Center - Staff Highlight

This week, the Freeland Learning Center is highlighting Mr. Glover, head custodian.  Mr. Eric, as the students call him, has worked in the Freeland Community School District for 18 years and is an invaluable member of the Learning Center team.  Not only does he help make the building look great each and every day, which is an especially challenging task at the early elementary level, but Mr. Eric can also be seen greeting students in the morning as parents drop off their students.  No matter what he is called upon to assist with, Mr. Eric is always happy to lend a helping hand. The most rewarding part of his job are all of the smiles and high fives he gets from the students, along with the satisfaction of helping students.  Whether it’s fixing a coat, a backpack, or just walking a student to class, Mr. Eric simply likes helping them out, and finds that students are always thankful for his assistance.  In addition, Mr. Eric shared that what he enjoys the most about working for the Freeland Community School District is the extremely helpful nature of the staff and parents.  Thank you Mr. Eric for all you do for the Freeland Learning Center!