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Freeland Elementary Student Council News

School Store

Thank you so much for your support of our school store. Because of the overwhelming response we had to reorder everything! But, this means that we will not be able to have the  store this week. We will let the kids know as soon as we are up and running again.

   School Store Items

Pencils - (yellow)


7" Colored Pencils


Mechanical Pencils


Pencil Pouch


Poly Pencil Box


Cap Erasers


Purple Pens


Blue Pens


Yellow Highlighters


Dry Erase Markers




Glue Sticks


3x3 Post-it Notes


7 Tab Accordion Folder


2 Pocket Folders


3x5 Index Cards


Pencil grips


Decals will also be available for $3.00 these are just a few examples.


Popcorn With a Purpose

We will be having popcorn days again this year. We have tried to tie each one into something special for the school or as a fundraiser. Thank you for your donations.

Thurs. 12/20

Thank you for the Food Drive - we will make a donation to a food shelter

Fri. 1/18

Celebrate the End of the First Semester

We will make a donation to the

Baliee Mantei scholarship fund

Fri. 2/22

Help PTO fund the Zip Line for the playground



Don’t Sweat it Read - March into Reading

Fri. 4/12

Leukemia Foundation Fundraiser

Fri 5/10

Celebrate the end of M-Step

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Food drive

November 26 - December 17

Student Council will be sponsoring the food drive again this year. Food and personal hygiene products can be sent to school between Nov. 26 and Dec. 20. We will collect from the classrooms and keep track of the number of items each class collects.

Everyone will be given popcorn on Thursday Dec. 20 as a thank you and prizes will be given for:

  • The classroom that collects the most cans will win a pizza party

  • The classroom(s) to reach the goal first will win a ice cream party

December Spirit Days

Mon. Dec.17

Green and Red Challenge Day β€πŸ…

The grade level with the highest percentage of participation will win a holiday treat. Wear green or red shirts, pants or socks to be counted.

Tues. Dec. 18

Holiday Shirt Day πŸŽ„

Wear a holiday or winter celebration shirt.

Wed. Dec. 19

Bring a Bow Day πŸŽ€

Each gift bow brought to school will earn a link to be added to our school holiday chain.

Thurs. Dec. 20

Holiday Best

wear your fancy holiday clothes


Dec. 21

Santa Hat Day 🀢🏻

Wear a Santa hat for the day.