SISD Special Education Millage

Announcement to the Freeland Community

Please know that the Saginaw ISD has placed a Special Education Millage on the November 8th ballot and that the Freeland Community School District is committed to  making certain our community is aware of the election. This election is important to Freeland Schools as, if it is approved by voters, the 1.5611 mill proposal will return over $500,000 to Freeland's general operating budget each year for ten years. That’s a total of $5,000,000 revenue over the next decade.

As a local school district, Freeland determines how the millage revenue will benefit all students attending Freeland Community School District. A list of what will be funded with the savings provided by the SISD Special Education Millage includes:

  • Two (2) Student Intervention Specialists (K-6 and 7-12)

  • Six (6) Intervention Paraprofessionals (Two (2) @ LC/ES, and four (4) @ MS/HS)

  • One (1) Elementary Counselor (K-6)

  • One (1) Secondary Social Worker (7-12)

  • The Pathways to Graduation Program at FHS (helping students facing obstacles to graduation)

  • One (1) additional special education teacher (HS/MS) to assist our schools to service Freeland students in Freeland

This is an opportunity to create a sustainable funding source for these meaningful supports, many of which are currently provided for students.  Freeland's current supports are being funded through state and federal funds, but will become the responsibility of our schools in the coming years.  If there is a successful millage, Freeland will commit any revenue it provides to fund these supports so that we can continue to serve our students and best meet their needs.

If you have questions about the millage,  the cost to you as a home owner, or how Freeland will utilize the savings, please check out this SISD link or call or email Freeland Superintendent Matt Cairy at 989.695.5527 or