FMS: Student-Led Conferences

On November 15th, our Freeland Middle School students and parents will experience their first student-led conferences of the 2018-2019 school year. Each year, Freeland Middle School hosts three different parent/teacher conferences. Two of these conferences are structured around a "student-led" conference, and one conference, in January, is a more traditional looking parent/teacher conference.

In preparation for the student-led conferences this year, teachers have put together several helpful documents so that students and parents understand how these conferences are structured.

If you are interested in a snapshot of what student-led conferences look like, please watch this video which is a great example of how a student walks his/her parents through the conference to showcase strengths and weaknesses throughout the grading period.

To prepare for conferences this year, our students will complete a goal setting reflection form prior to the conferences to provide them a guide for talking about their progress this marking period. Additionally, on the night of conferences, they will utilize a student-led conference checklist to make sure they do not miss anything that needs to be discussed with parents.

We also have parent preparation documents to help all of our parents better understand their role in the conferences, and to help prepare for how they can support students as they walk parents through their work. We ask that parents review the parent checklist for student-led conferences prior to November 15th to better prepare for how to help your child with the student-led conference process.

We are so excited to partner with parents and students throughout the school year and hope that you enjoy the process of student-led conferences. If you have any questions in regards to the conferences please contact Mrs. Wulff at or 989-692-4032.

Parent/Teacher Conference Dates/Times:

  • Thursday, November 15th 4:30-7:00pm (student-led conference)
  • Thursday, January 24th 4:30-7:00pm (traditional conference)
  • Thursday, April 11th 4:30-6:30pm (student-led conference)