Freeland Learning Center Staff Highlight

Freeland Learning Center Staff Highlight - Ms. Patricia Taylor



This week, Freeland Learning Center is highlighting one of our Nutrition Services staff members,  Ms. Patricia Taylor.  Ms. Taylor has been working in the Nutrition Services department in the role of kitchen staff for the past six years.  Ms. Taylor is also a grandparent of students in our district.  Her older daughter suggested the position to keep Ms. Taylor occupied after retirement and also as a way to be able to see her grandchildren while they were in school.  Next year Ms. Taylor’s grandchildren will be at the Freeland Middle/High School campus.  She enjoys working at the Freeland Learning Center with the younger students and watching them grow during their first three years of school.  Ms. Taylor is a very kind and caring person.  She is always going out of her way to provide students with a nutritious breakfast and lunch as well as recognizing and rewarding students for making great choices in the cafeteria.

When asked what she finds most rewarding about her position, Ms. Taylor  said, “Working with a great school and kitchen staff, I am proud of how hard our kitchen staff has worked during the pandemic to provide meals for not only students in the school setting but also those who are learning remotely.”

Thank you Ms. Taylor for your dedication to the students and families of the Freeland Learning Center and for all you do for the Freeland Community School District.