Freeland Community School District Sinking Fund Millage Renewal

The FCSD Board of Education has voted to place a $29.8 million, 20-year bond proposal on the May 7, 2024, ballot.

This ballot proposal addresses issues that were identified in 2019, and due to the COVID pandemic, did not make it on the May 2020 ballot.  This will be the first bond proposal since paying off all existing debt in April 2021.

The issues identified in 2019 are simply more pronounced now. For example, our district needs space to accommodate dramatically increased student enrollment.  Quite simply, the district doesn’t have enough space to accommodate our elementary student population.  Since the fall of 2015, the number of students we serve has continued to grow.  We have grown by over 200 students since then, an increase of more than 13%, while not adding to the footprint of our buildings.

Currently, the district has ZERO school bond debt, and therefore, the bond proposal will require an initial 3.65 mill increase.  For a Freeland homeowner living in a $200,000 market value home with a $100,000 taxable value, the cost would be approximately $365 per year or $30.42 per month or about $1.00 per day.  To calculate your annual cost, multiply the TAXABLE value on your tax bill by 0.00365.  You can divide that number by 12 to get your monthly cost, or divide it by 365 to get your daily cost.

What we are proposing:

Breakdown by Building

Breakdown by Category

What questions do you have?

Voting takes place May 7, 2024!

Absentee ballot voting starts after March 28, 2024