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Happy Friday!

I hope all of the students had a wonderful first full week back at FES. This is just a reminder, that the majority of communication for Freeland Elementary will be through our new app. One thing I have noticed is that the app does not automatically open up notifications for parents. If you would like to receive notifications for the elementary school through the app (much like a social media notification on your phone), please follow these directions: 

1) Open the app

2) Click the upper left button with three lines

3) Scroll down and click settings (gear icon)

4) Click which default school you want to see, then below this check all buildings you want to receive notifications from

5) Click save

This should update your settings so you receive all notifications from the elementary school.  Please let me know and I can help troubleshoot any app problems you may have!  Have a great weekend. 

Mrs. Criner