Email Lists

Freeland Community School District offers various email lists for community members to subscribe to. After subscribing to a list you will receive updates regarding news and announcements to the email address you provide. Click the subscribe link under the list you would like to sign up for. Enter your name and email address in the window that appears and click Send. You can sign up for as many lists as you would like.

To unsubscribe from a list click the unsubscribe link and enter your name and email address.

District Wide List

The District Wide list is for information regarding the entire school district, from school closings to elections to news affecting all four schools.

 LC - ES List (Grades Y5-6)

The Learning Center - Elementary School List is for communication regarding the Learning Center and Elementary School. The messages might include information about testing, field trips, and afterschool activities.

High School List

The High School List is for information regarding the High School, for example upcoming dates for end of marking periods, daily announcements, field trips, speakers, and athletic events.

Talon Newspaper List

The Talon Newspaper List main purpose is to let the list members know when a new Talon has been made available both printed and online.

Middle School List (Grades 7-8)

The Middle School List is for information regarding the Middle School. This list could possibly contain information about testing, daily announcements, field trips, and afterschool activities.

Freeland Athletic Association List

The Freeland Athletic Association list is for information regarding sporting events, volunteering, news, and many other things.